Burning Bridges Might Not Be the Best Game Plan, Dick

Dick Wadhams:

Pressed this week, Wadhams distanced his current campaign from that of his former bosses.

"There’s only one idiot named George Allen," Wadhams said of the former Virginia senator and governor.

But Schaffer, he says, is "is perhaps one of the most articulate people I’ve worked for." Referencing the infamous "macaca moment", Wadhams said, "Bob is not going to make a mistake like that."

But just a week ago, Bob Schaffer stated that he thought the immigration system in the U.S. territory of the Northern Mariana Islands should be a "model" for the entire U.S. Coincidentally, the United States Senated just voted 91-4 to outlaw that very system which led to forced abortions, child labor, sex slavery, and a booming sweatshop industry.

As Congressman George Miller stated upon the bill's passage, "Jack Abramoff is now in prison and Tom DeLay has resigned in disgrace. Very few people would defend the status quo in the CNMI, which has done such damage to workers and their families over the years."

Bob Schaffer is one of those people.

Bob Schaffer's going to need all the help he can get, including donors and supporters of that "idiot named George Allen" who was once held up to be the Republican heir-apparent to the White House. Perhaps alienating Allen and his supporters is not the best way to go, Bob.

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