Bob Schaffer's Bloggers Should Pay Attention to Bob Schaffer

Our friends in Bob Schaffer's peanut gallery have taken some pleasure in recent days by accusing Mark Udall of wanting higher energy prices by supporting renewable energy.

Not only is the logic dizzying (anybody who has ever taken a basic high school business class knows that more energy supply means lower energy prices), but they are also slamming their own candidate at the same time.

You see, Big Oil Bob Schaffer has been putting a fair amount of effort of late in hiding his oil industry background, instead saying that he's been all about the wind and solar. And now one of the myriad of "nonprofit organizations" that has poppoed up to support Bob Schaffer is now running TV ads touting Bob Schaffer's supposed support for renewable energy (a claim that his voting record clearly disputes).

So while the weirdos at the Independence Institute and the rest of the Republican Party insult our intelligence with bizarre and unsubstantiated claims of higher prices from renewable energy, their candidate is running far, far away from them by making himself look more like Mark Udall every day. That's because Mark Udall has it right on energy policy, has for years, and people like Bib Oil Bob Schaffer are only now starting to catch up.

It's interesting how the far-right weirdos at the Independence Institute tout the free market and then demonstrate that they don't even have a basic understanding of basic market principles such as supply and demand. If Bob Schaffer wants any chance at winning, he should signal to his base that they shouldn't be attacking Mark Udall for positions that Bob Schaffer evidently holds. Some might see that as disorganized, or possibly even hypocritical.


Allen said...

Now I can see where, shocker, Schaffer Schafer isn't a pure capitalist. But the II? Do you have any examples of them ignoring the rules of supply and demand?

Factuality said...


Here's the Independence Institute's Ben DeGrow claiming that Mark Udall wants higher energy prices.

And here he is claiming that increasing supply by suspending SPR stockpiling won't reduce demand. In the same place he conflates natural gas with gasoline, as if drilling on the Roan Plateau would affect the price of motor fuel. It won't, because there's no usable oil there, just natural gas.

That's two examples in 3 minutes. There are dozens more, just read his blog.